01:59:42 <Fred_Li> #startmeeting community
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02:00:09 <Fred_Li> Hi, who are online?
02:04:13 <Fred_Li> hi helloworld
02:04:16 <Fred_Li> welcome to join
02:04:54 <Fred_Li> Let's start at 10:05am
02:05:37 <Fred_Li> #topic Last meeting
02:05:59 <Fred_Li> From last meeting I had one action "Fred_Li confirm the meeting schedule with community members"
02:06:15 <Fred_Li> It was confirmed and I have updated in the gitee.
02:06:45 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/tree/master/meeting_records
02:06:57 <Fred_Li> I think we can close this action.
02:07:04 <Fred_Li> How about next topic?
02:07:18 <Fred_Li> #topic community governace
02:08:02 <Fred_Li> Since Jan 1, what requirements have your got from community members?
02:09:09 <Fred_Li> I think helloworld had a requirement about how to create a new project in openEuler.
02:09:16 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I17WWY
02:10:19 <openeuler> i offer a requirement
02:10:30 <Fred_Li> Please. openeuler
02:10:59 <openeuler> a new project
02:11:21 <Fred_Li> Chinese is fine as well here
02:11:38 <openeuler> independent or must be in a sig
02:12:58 <openeuler> a project is equal to a repo,,everyone,do you think so?
02:13:03 <Fred_Li> Project is from software point of view. SIG is a team or group by people. So I think SIG is a must as the projects to create must be maintained by a group.
02:13:56 <Fred_Li> Emmm, a project should contain one or more repos.
02:14:25 <openeuler> you mean the project must be in a sig ?
02:14:34 <openeuler> Fred_Li
02:14:49 <Fred_Li> not be in a SIG, but be maintained by a SIG.
02:15:06 <Fred_Li> To clarify, SIG is just a name. It is a group of engineers.
02:15:48 <openeuler> the project must belong to a sig?
02:15:59 <Fred_Li> yes, from my understanding
02:16:39 <openeuler> freesky-edward   what's your opinions?
02:17:28 <openeuler> Fred_Li   you opinions is consistent with k8s
02:18:00 <Fred_Li> Probably he is not online. how about continuing this topic on gitee?
02:18:27 <openeuler> OK
02:18:31 <Fred_Li> thanks
02:18:45 <Fred_Li> Any other requirements from the community?
02:19:09 <openeuler> nothing
02:19:11 <Fred_Li> I have another one.
02:19:48 <Fred_Li> I think I will continue to encourage teams to improve their projects management.
02:20:15 <openeuler> isula is a sig
02:20:22 <openeuler> or a project?
02:21:30 <Fred_Li> #link https://mailweb.openeuler.org/hyperkitty/list/dev@openeuler.org/thread/7AJ2I22CN525H7SCXSAWTIMMYPBCVCGL/
02:22:04 <Fred_Li> If possible, please show your opinions on this mail list.
02:22:24 <openeuler> ok
02:22:46 <openeuler> i am yangli
02:23:04 <charlie_li> ;D
02:23:27 <Fred_Li> #action every to encourage project teams.
02:24:34 <Fred_Li> iSula SIG is a team. iSula project is a project including several projects/repos.
02:25:08 <openeuler> this topic ,do we need a Conclusion
02:25:21 <openeuler> OK,i see
02:25:28 <Fred_Li> I would like to conclude in the discussion on gitee.
02:25:42 <Fred_Li> #topic open discussion.
02:26:33 <openeuler> https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I17WWY?from=project-issue
02:26:52 <openeuler> we have a issue.
02:27:02 <Fred_Li> let me read it first
02:28:08 <Fred_Li> yes, it is the one we discussed.
02:28:10 <openeuler> i will give a PR on gitee, to improve "how to introduce a new project"
02:28:18 <Fred_Li> Thanks.
02:28:52 <Fred_Li> #action openeuler to finish a PR how to introduce a new project
02:29:02 <Fred_Li> can we close today's meeting?
02:29:06 <openeuler> everyone, give you opinions ~~
02:29:12 <openeuler> OK
02:29:44 <Fred_Li> The rest are not online
02:30:02 <openeuler> bye
02:30:09 <Fred_Li> #closemeeting
02:30:21 <Fred_Li> #endmeetig
02:30:26 <Fred_Li> #endmeeting