02:00:58 <Fred_Li> #startmeeting community
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02:01:13 <Fred_Li> hi, who is here. This is Fred from Huawei.
02:01:47 <helloWord> I am yangli from huawei,hello
02:02:06 <Fred_Li> OK. let's start.
02:02:20 <Fred_Li> Today I would propose to talk about:
02:02:27 <Fred_Li> 1. topic Last meeting
02:02:41 <Fred_Li> 2. requirements from other teams
02:02:56 <Fred_Li> 3. our requirements to others, especially infrastructure team
02:03:04 <Fred_Li> 4. open discussion
02:03:23 <Fred_Li> Please feel free to propose others.
02:03:23 <helloWord> I have submitted a topic
02:04:02 <Fred_Li> What is it?
02:04:48 <helloWord> My Reply to the Issue Application Email
02:05:06 <Fred_Li> OK. got it
02:05:18 <Fred_Li> let's go through the topics one by on
02:05:29 <Fred_Li> #topic review the last meeting
02:05:31 <helloWord> OK
02:05:44 <Fred_Li> How about the action openeuler to finish a PR how to introduce a new project?
02:06:41 <helloWord> please Focus on three key points
02:07:24 <helloWord> the first:Whether the clarification of the relationship between the three parties is accurate and consistent with the attack perception
02:08:46 <Fred_Li> agreed
02:08:55 <helloWord> the  second:The new project and repoisoty need to be approved by the tc.
02:09:15 <helloWord> add or delete project
02:09:25 <helloWord> add or delete repository
02:09:46 <helloWord> one project can contain one or more repository
02:10:08 <Fred_Li> yes, currently it is managed by TC. but there are 2 issues, 1) not serious changing happened; 2) TC approval took time.
02:11:00 <helloWord> yes, this the problem we are now meeting
02:11:28 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/open_euler/dashboard/issues?issue_state_ids=437575&id=I1838P
02:11:49 <Fred_Li> I propose all of us to review and comment this issue https://gitee.com/open_euler/dashboard/issues?issue_state_ids=437575&id=I1838P
02:12:18 <helloWord> how about:The infrastructure team should  start work only after receiving the tc review comments.
02:12:18 <Fred_Li> helloWord . please go ahead with no. 3
02:12:51 <Fred_Li> It is. Infrastructure team doesn't approve such changes.
02:12:59 <helloWord> yes, freesky-edward I dont know why
02:13:37 <Fred_Li> helloWord . how about to finish the first topic?
02:14:01 <helloWord> f the internal change is to be reviewed by the tc, is the process too heavy?
02:14:08 <Fred_Li> The first topic is to review the action from last meeting. If you have submitted a PR, please provide the link
02:14:10 <helloWord> If the internal change is to be reviewed by the tc, is the process too heavy?
02:15:12 <freesky-edward> helloword what's the problem.
02:15:55 <freesky-edward> infrastructure doesn't accept any projects or sigs addition application
02:16:05 <Fred_Li> TC only reviews project and sig. SIG approves the committers of the SIG.
02:16:17 <helloWord> the internal change is to be reviewed by maintainer , not tc
02:16:28 <freesky-edward> that's not the job of infrastructure team's mission, in my opinion
02:16:50 <Fred_Li> Agreed freesky-edward, As written in the governance.
02:17:21 <Fred_Li> Hi all, lets continue to review the comments on the PR from yangli.
02:17:41 <helloWord> Can gitee do this?
02:17:46 <Fred_Li> I want to move to next topic, as we have only one hour.
02:18:13 <Fred_Li> helloWord yes. it is already done. We can continue to clarify on IRC after this weekly meeting.
02:18:26 <helloWord> OK
02:19:01 <Fred_Li> Could you provide the link about your PR, related with the action from last meeting?
02:19:27 <helloWord> https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/93
02:19:34 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/93
02:19:37 <Fred_Li> thank you
02:19:56 <Fred_Li> #action teams to review https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/93
02:20:10 <Fred_Li> #topic requirements from other teams
02:20:33 <Fred_Li> let's talk about requirements from other teams.
02:21:12 <Fred_Li> I would like to ask you review https://gitee.com/open_euler/dashboard/issues?issue_state_ids=437575&id=I1838P
02:21:51 <Fred_Li> This was submitted by me, and was because I found some SIGs changed committers not secriously.
02:22:09 <freesky-edward> I already leave my thought on this issue. any comments are welcome
02:22:19 <Fred_Li> Thanks
02:22:44 <helloWord> There is also an important thing to provide sig README documents when applying for a new sig
02:22:45 <Fred_Li> Hope others will comment as well.
02:23:05 <freesky-edward> the big problem we met now is all sigs and projects update so quickly. I guess many contributors don't know the background
02:23:24 <Fred_Li> I propose 2 actions, and please comment
02:23:28 <Fred_Li> 1. training
02:24:03 <Fred_Li> 2. prepare governance document to define the rules how to change SIGs
02:24:20 <helloWord> +1
02:24:21 <Fred_Li> who would take action 1? and who for 2?
02:24:49 <helloWord> I can take 2
02:24:53 <Fred_Li> I will take action 2, but if anyone can help, that would be great]
02:25:18 <Fred_Li> thank you
02:25:33 <freesky-edward> training is fine, but what kind of way should we take?
02:25:42 <helloWord> Training can be made into video
02:26:00 <freesky-edward> helloword sounds good
02:26:02 <Fred_Li> #action Fred and Yangli to prepare a governance documents for SIG changes
02:26:20 <helloWord> Simple operation video guide, UCD can do this work
02:26:32 <helloWord> OK
02:26:42 <Fred_Li> yes, video is a good way to spread.
02:27:02 <Fred_Li> but we need make sure they will watch.
02:27:24 <freesky-edward> if so, i am instrested in option 1
02:28:05 <Fred_Li> maybe we can prepare videos, and then send link to all the teams.
02:28:27 <freesky-edward> +1
02:28:36 <Fred_Li> in the meantime, Yangli and I work on the governance.
02:28:38 <Fred_Li> Great
02:28:39 <helloWord> Infrastructure is not created repository,until they have learned the screen
02:29:06 <Fred_Li> again. infrastructure team never created repos. :-)
02:29:18 <freesky-edward> helloWord what do you mean? stop from adding any repository?
02:29:24 <Fred_Li> Hello Ivye tommylikehu
02:29:27 <helloWord> :')
02:29:39 <tommylikehu> hey!
02:29:59 <Fred_Li> just to check whether you are online. Thank you.
02:30:08 <helloWord> NO,,,just if they do not executed as required by the process
02:30:16 <Ivye> Hi~
02:30:35 <Fred_Li> Infrastructure team is the most professional team, so far.
02:30:46 <freesky-edward> helloWord, do you mean the bot system stop current process?
02:31:05 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li thanks
02:31:06 <helloWord> yes
02:31:26 <helloWord> don't worry,For a new community, it's the way to go.
02:31:29 <Fred_Li> oh, that is a little crazy.
02:31:30 <freesky-edward> if you all agree, we can finish that
02:31:55 <Fred_Li> I need time to think about "stop the bot".
02:32:11 <Fred_Li> Let's talk about it by email laster.
02:32:22 <helloWord> X-P ,OK
02:32:34 <Fred_Li> just to confirm, will freesky-edward take the action of making training video?
02:32:50 <freesky-edward> can I throw one more question regarding to repository? Fred_Li
02:33:04 <Fred_Li> sure
02:33:10 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li sure, I will
02:33:36 <freesky-edward> regarding to the private repository
02:33:49 <freesky-edward> it grows so quickly. from infrastructure sight, I wouldn't suggest to accept private repository any more.
02:34:07 <helloWord> +1
02:34:09 <freesky-edward> as the privilege is quick different from public repository
02:34:19 <freesky-edward> it's very difficult to manage them
02:34:37 <freesky-edward> so, if it is possible to open them AQSP
02:34:43 <Fred_Li> #action freesky-edward to prepare the training video to avoid in-serious changes of SIGs
02:34:46 <freesky-edward> AQAP
02:34:53 <Fred_Li> OK, let's continue with your proposal
02:35:05 <helloWord> I I don't think there should be a lot of private repository since January 1, 2020.
02:35:21 <freesky-edward> helloWord I totally agree
02:35:25 <Fred_Li> I agree, but we need get an agreement with the community members.
02:35:48 <Fred_Li> Especially TC team.
02:35:55 <helloWord> Especially the tc members.,yes
02:36:12 <Fred_Li> Would you prepare an email later to ask TC's opinion on this?
02:36:24 <freesky-edward> me?
02:36:25 <Fred_Li> not ask, I meant inform
02:36:28 <freesky-edward> my pleasure
02:36:33 <Fred_Li> Thanks
02:37:12 <Fred_Li> #action freesky-edward to send emails to TC and other community mail lists to get the opinion on stopping private repos
02:37:31 <Fred_Li> There are 20 minutes left
02:37:32 <freesky-edward> I hope it will be accepted by others
02:37:41 <Fred_Li> I +1
02:37:46 <helloWord> +1
02:38:00 <Fred_Li> How about the next topic, requirements to other teams?
02:38:06 <helloWord> ok
02:38:26 <Fred_Li> #topic our requirements to others
02:39:27 <Fred_Li> To make our community healthy, efficient and transparent, I have some idea.
02:40:05 <helloWord> come on ,Let's listening
02:40:11 <Fred_Li> 1. every team should have meetings. But if there is a table for every team's meeting schedule, it will be great
02:41:09 <helloWord> yes ,this is a basic rule in governance in sig
02:41:14 <Fred_Li> 2. I need an etherpad for the meeting, which is easier to get topics before the meeting.
02:41:21 <Fred_Li> I only have these 2 today.
02:41:44 <freesky-edward> etherpad is in research now
02:42:12 <freesky-edward> but the question is how to integrate with others
02:42:12 <Fred_Li> thanks
02:42:38 <Ivye> What‘s the etherpad?
02:42:42 <Fred_Li> Let's talk about in infrastructure team meeting to get support.
02:43:33 <Fred_Li> Ivye please visit https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/testpad
02:43:34 <freesky-edward> Ivye hi
02:43:50 <Fred_Li> anyone can edit on the pad as a paper.
02:43:59 <Fred_Li> let's try 1 minute there
02:44:12 <freesky-edward> it's a kind of online documentation system that everyone can easy to colloboration on that
02:44:31 <Ivye> thank you  Fred_Li
02:44:36 <helloWord> Yes, it's easier than the mail.
02:44:52 <Fred_Li> OK, you can see what I wrote there
02:44:53 <Ivye> Oh,thank you all. I see.
02:45:08 <Fred_Li> By the way, could you introduce yourself?
02:45:08 <freesky-edward> but we met some problem that may delay the etherpad publish
02:45:39 <Fred_Li> it is fine. I don't think etherpad is the blocking issue.
02:45:55 <Fred_Li> it is a nice-to-have think.
02:45:58 <helloWord> Especially collection of topics,   which is very convenient.
02:46:34 <Fred_Li> let's talk about 1. every team should have meetings. But if there is a table for every team's meeting schedule, it will be great
02:46:53 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li thanks
02:46:55 <Ivye> I'm a new, but I'm interested in the community
02:47:11 <freesky-edward> Ivye welcome
02:47:14 <helloWord> But we don't even have an sig list.
02:47:21 <Fred_Li> Ivye welcome!
02:47:43 <helloWord> =D welcome~~
02:47:43 <Fred_Li> helloWord https://openeuler.org/zh/sig.html
02:47:59 <Fred_Li> #info https://openeuler.org/zh/sig.html here is the SIGs list.
02:48:41 <helloWord> This is not consistent with the sig list in the sig folder in the community.
02:49:22 <helloWord> #info https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/tree/master/sig
02:49:28 <Fred_Li> you are right. it is because the code was not added to the bot.
02:50:03 <Fred_Li> I will take this an issue to record.
02:50:14 <freesky-edward> helloWord what's you saying is one of the issue that currently, we have maintains two sigs definitions.
02:50:40 <freesky-edward> s/maintains/maintained
02:51:10 <helloWord> I'll delete infrastructure
02:51:31 <helloWord> and retain infra
02:51:31 <freesky-edward> helloWord excuse me?
02:51:31 <Fred_Li> delete?
02:52:11 <helloWord> Are you talking about two infrastructure folders?
02:52:37 <freesky-edward> no, not two infrastructure folders but two places
02:53:12 <helloWord> yes, I will delete the folder in tc.
02:53:12 <freesky-edward> one is website, another is community , both of them have the sigs definition
02:53:36 <freesky-edward> ok, that's fine
02:53:48 <Fred_Li> #action Fred to submit an issue about inconsistency of SIGs on website and gitee.
02:54:03 <helloWord> website???Portal website
02:54:23 <Fred_Li> yes, portal
02:54:32 <Fred_Li> thanks
02:54:45 <Fred_Li> there are 5 minutes left.
02:54:47 <helloWord> No sig definition should first in community
02:54:49 <freesky-edward> I mean here https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/tree/master/content/zh/sig
02:55:26 <freesky-edward> agree
02:55:40 <Fred_Li> agree
02:55:45 <freesky-edward> but the sigs also need to be published on portal.
02:55:55 <helloWord> what's the website???
02:56:04 <freesky-edward> that's why we have another house now
02:56:07 <Fred_Li> I meant https://openeuler.org/zh/sig.html
02:56:27 <Fred_Li> #hel
02:56:47 <Fred_Li> helloWord when I said website, I meant https://openeuler.org/zh/sig.html
02:56:48 <helloWord> All sig teams should be under the sig folder of the community. What are the reasons for website?
02:57:11 <Fred_Li> it is for contributors to search
02:57:21 <freesky-edward> show the sigs on web page in openeuler.org
02:58:00 <helloWord> I'll talk to you alone.
02:58:28 <Fred_Li> suppose you are a contributor, and you may have 2 ways to contribute. No. 1, you know a project and need to know what SIG is managing. No. 2, you want to see which SIG you may be interested in.
02:58:30 <freesky-edward> :)
02:58:32 <Fred_Li> That is why.
02:59:07 <Fred_Li> Hi guys. there are 2 minutes now and I would propose to close the meeting.
02:59:29 <helloWord> Portal sites must be simple, and all community guidance documents should be maintained and published only in the
02:59:35 <Fred_Li> Let's continue on mail list or IRC for any other topics.
02:59:54 <helloWord> Portal sites must be simple, and all community guidance documents should be maintained and published only in the community, not portal sites. The portal is just a reference to community content.
03:00:03 <helloWord> OK
03:00:30 <freesky-edward> that my be another way we can think about
03:00:34 <freesky-edward> may
03:00:39 <Fred_Li> helloWord I will explain you a little bit more. The source file is only in gitee. Portal just read it. The inconsistency exists because of the code issue.
03:00:59 <Fred_Li> Hi guys. let's say bye now
03:01:05 <helloWord> OK
03:01:13 <Fred_Li> Thank you for your idea today.
03:01:19 <Fred_Li> Talk to you next week.
03:01:28 <freesky-edward> bye
03:01:32 <helloWord> bye
03:01:35 <Fred_Li> #endmeeting