01:01:01 <Fred_Li> #startmeeting Community
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01:01:26 <Fred_Li> hi all, who are online for the community meeting?
01:03:47 <Fred_Li> I would wait til 09:10 Beijing time
01:04:26 <Fred_Li> Hi HelloWord Ivye
01:04:40 <HelloWord> hello
01:04:48 <Fred_Li> #topic eview the last meeting
01:04:54 <Ivye> hi,Morning~
01:04:59 <Fred_Li> Let's review the actions from last meeting.
01:05:25 <Fred_Li> freesky-edward to send emails to TC and other community mail lists to get the opinion on stopping private repos
01:06:03 <Fred_Li> this one has been done, but it seems that TC has not concluded. Let me continue asking.
01:06:46 <Fred_Li> #action Fred to ask TC to give an conclusion on when to stop adding new private repos.
01:07:06 <Fred_Li> freesky-edward to prepare the training video to avoid in-serious changes of SIGs
01:07:27 <Fred_Li> regarding this one, let's check later if freesky-edward is online.
01:07:42 <Fred_Li> the next one. teams to review https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/93
01:08:09 <HelloWord> I have updated the process of modifying sig, but one tc member has asked me to consult with tc.
01:08:10 <Fred_Li> I see many comments.
01:08:54 <HelloWord> I have replied to the opinions of others.
01:09:06 <HelloWord> the only one is to consult with tc
01:09:15 <Fred_Li> 1. please reply each comments, and commit again if necessary. 2. then I will merge it if there all the reviewers lgtm
01:09:46 <Fred_Li> If you need update, please commit new.
01:10:10 <Fred_Li> basically, all comments are accepted by reviewers, and 2 lgtm are enough. Let's go.
01:10:33 <HelloWord> Fred_Li    I have answered all the comments.
01:11:36 <HelloWord> Next, I'll go back to tc for advice.
01:11:45 <Fred_Li> Sorry, but I have to say no, if you see my comment "It is proposed to add "贡献指南"."
01:12:03 <Fred_Li> we can talk more after this meeting.
01:12:09 <Fred_Li> Let's move on.
01:12:24 <Fred_Li> Are you ok to move on?
01:12:41 <HelloWord> In addition, I have a suggestion to let tc participate in our meeting.
01:13:05 <HelloWord> I think it's more efficient.
01:13:23 <Fred_Li> OK. I will send email to tc.
01:13:45 <HelloWord> OK,Let's move on
01:13:55 <Fred_Li> #action Fred to send email to TC for help, either reply issues in time, or join IRC meeting.
01:14:02 <Fred_Li> the next one is Fred and Yangli to prepare a governance documents for SIG change
01:14:18 <Fred_Li> Sorry, I haven't start working on this.
01:14:27 <Fred_Li> How about you, HelloWord?
01:14:45 <HelloWord> I'm trying to borrow the governance document.
01:15:07 <HelloWord> Directly use the governance document.
01:15:30 <Fred_Li> Thanks. so we will have to continue this action.
01:15:54 <HelloWord> yes, I wait for this PR, https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/93
01:16:09 <Fred_Li> #action Fred_Li and HelloWord to prepare a governance documents for SIG changes
01:16:14 <Fred_Li> thank you
01:16:36 <Fred_Li> the last one, Fred to submit an issue about inconsistency of SIGs on website and gitee.
01:16:36 <HelloWord> I will adjust the structure of the governance document to meet this requirement.
01:17:43 <Fred_Li> Thank you. let's review when we start. Actually, I will request permission to access your repo so that we can finish together before pull request to openEuler.
01:17:45 <Fred_Li> Let's try.
01:18:19 <HelloWord> I have discussed this with freesky, but we have no conclusion.
01:18:50 <Fred_Li> :-(
01:19:12 <HelloWord> About consistency between sig on the page and the sig folder on the community
01:19:40 <Fred_Li> This is easy, only because infrastructure team looks busy on other work.
01:20:09 <HelloWord> Some collaboration is involved, OK
01:20:13 <Fred_Li> ok
01:20:21 <Fred_Li> let's move to next topic
01:20:43 <Fred_Li> #topic Issues reviewing
01:20:56 <Fred_Li> Let's review all the open comments
01:21:13 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues
01:21:42 <Fred_Li> please check the issues first, If you want to talk any one here, please let us know.
01:22:09 <HelloWord> I have answered some questions on issue. For details, see. Especially about src-repository.
01:22:24 <HelloWord> Ivye, I have answered some questions on issue. For details, see. Especially about src-repository.
01:22:36 <Fred_Li> thank you HelloWord
01:22:44 <Ivye> I want to talk about relationship between openeuler repository and src-openeuler repository
01:23:05 <Fred_Li> I would highlight the https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I18620?from=project-issue
01:23:16 <Ivye> thank you, I will look it
01:23:22 <Ivye> HelloWord
01:23:30 <HelloWord> I feel that this part of the community document is not clear. I will update this part to the guide document.
01:23:49 <Fred_Li> which part, openeuler and src-openeuler?
01:23:55 <HelloWord> yes
01:24:54 <Fred_Li> agree. Ivye raised a very good question. Let's work on it
01:25:12 <Fred_Li> Could you please take a look at https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I18620?from=project-issue ?
01:26:14 <HelloWord> Fred_Li    I agree with you, but the applicant does not reply
01:26:40 <Fred_Li> It is related with https://gitee.com/openeuler/community-issue/issues/I18LZM?from=project-issue
01:26:55 <Fred_Li> I will have to push somehow.
01:27:42 <HelloWord> I do have less attention to public issue than I do.'=D
01:27:52 <Fred_Li> It is very important for TC or packaging to give a guidance on selecting packaging, and it has impact to infrastructure as well.
01:28:01 <HelloWord> +1
01:28:31 <Fred_Li> :-)  we will have to check ours and community-issue
01:28:40 <Fred_Li> So, l will take an action
01:29:06 <HelloWord> Mr. liang, is also sorting out the rules in this regard.I suggest inviting him in.
01:30:08 <Fred_Li> #action Fred_Li to raise the issue of I18620 and I18LZM to highlight package management strategy is important to our community.
01:30:17 <Fred_Li> Which Liang?
01:30:22 <HelloWord> So we're going to approve sig-packaging's team first?
01:31:26 <HelloWord> Liang Chenye
01:31:47 <Fred_Li> Sig-packaging can be approved. But I don't agree to assign permission to manage package until this team show us enough skills and attitude.
01:31:57 <Fred_Li> Got it. I will ask him offline.
01:32:11 <HelloWord> OK
01:34:12 <HelloWord> I suggest  create an issue for this work.
01:34:29 <Fred_Li> Any other issues you want to highlight now?
01:34:29 <Fred_Li> If no, we can move to next topic and check PRs.
01:34:30 <Fred_Li> waiting a little bit as you are reading the issues list
01:35:00 <Fred_Li> I would like to take the existing issue.
01:35:17 <HelloWord> how about this issue:https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I15P6I?from=project-issue
01:35:27 <Fred_Li> let me see
01:37:24 <Fred_Li> Yes, it is very important
01:37:52 <HelloWord> I will continue to follow up on the progress of this issue.
01:38:22 <Fred_Li> #action Fred_Li and HelloWord to ask release team to prepare releasing guidance.
01:38:46 <HelloWord> It's a very difficult job.X-P
01:39:00 <HelloWord> '=D
01:39:11 <Fred_Li> if nothing else, let's move to PR reviewing
01:39:17 <HelloWord> OK
01:39:22 <Fred_Li> #topic reviewing PRs
01:39:33 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls
01:40:10 <Fred_Li> I checked and don't have more to discuss.
01:40:21 <Fred_Li> most of them are just for adding committers.
01:40:53 <HelloWord> That's what I thought.
01:41:24 <Fred_Li> Ivye stop us whenever you want
01:41:27 <Fred_Li> :-)
01:41:35 <Fred_Li> #topic open discussion
01:41:50 <Ivye> =D
01:42:24 <Fred_Li> First, I want to say that we will skip the next weekly meeting due to Chinese New Year.
01:42:29 <HelloWord> mailing list has seriously hampered my community work.
01:42:51 <Fred_Li> Yes, there is an action for infrastructure team.
01:43:10 <HelloWord> Now, except dev, I can't receive emails from other teams.
01:43:23 <Fred_Li> #link http://meetings.openeuler.org/openeuler-meeting/2020/infrastructure/2020-01-14-09.00.html
01:44:04 <Fred_Li> this afternoon, if you have time, join infra team meeting and show your concerns. If you don't have time, I will definitely let them know again
01:44:09 <HelloWord> The infrastructure answered me three working days, but it's been a week, and it's getting worse.
01:44:36 <Fred_Li> And iSulad mail list has another issue as well.
01:45:21 <Fred_Li> If you don't have more issues, I would close today's meeting and continue talk offline.
01:45:30 <Fred_Li> too many meetings this morning for me
01:45:33 <Fred_Li> sorry for this
01:45:37 <HelloWord> OK
01:46:11 <Fred_Li> Happy Chinese New Year! HelloWord Ivye
01:46:17 <Fred_Li> see you next year :-)
01:46:35 <HelloWord> happy New Year,too~~
01:46:36 <Fred_Li> #endmeeting