02:00:17 <fred_li> #startmeeting Community
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02:00:44 <fred_li> hi all, who are available for our weekly meeting to discuss governance?
02:03:23 <blueskycs2c> now,I am a listener
02:03:50 <fred_li> welcome @blueskycs2c
02:04:26 <fred_li> Let me introduce myself. I am Fred (李永乐) and working in Huawei now.
02:04:57 <blueskycs2c> Hello
02:05:32 <blueskycs2c> I am blueskycs2c(丁丽丽)and working in cs2c now
02:05:48 <freesky-edward> hi
02:06:52 <fred_li> Your contribution and comments are very helpful. @blueskycs2c
02:07:37 <fred_li> The others have some issues to connect to IRC.
02:08:58 <blueskycs2c> If it is useful, I'm happy, too
02:09:22 <fred_li> Which client are you using for IRC? I use LimeChat on Mac.
02:09:46 <blueskycs2c> Hexchat on
02:10:01 <blueskycs2c> hexchat on win10
02:10:39 <shivam> Hi fred_li
02:10:53 <shivam> Its shivam from Click2Cloud
02:10:53 <fred_li> Hi @shivam
02:11:04 <fred_li> Welcome @shivam
02:11:17 <shivam> thanks
02:12:09 <fred_li> I would introduce the topics of weekly meeting first for you. In case the *old* guys cannot join, we can close the meeting to save time.
02:14:16 <fred_li> This weekly meeting is to discuss governance preparation, including building the process, defining criteria and so on.
02:15:25 <fred_li> #topic Actions from last meeting
02:15:58 <fred_li> #link http://meetings.openeuler.org/openeuler-meeting/2020/community/2020-02-04-02.00.html
02:16:24 <fred_li> fred_li to ask TC to give an conclusion on when to stop adding new private repos.
02:17:31 <fred_li> this is not closed because it depends on OBS (open building service), gitee and ci-bot, thus the infrastructure team is working on and then let TC to have a whole picture.
02:17:39 <fred_li> I will continue work on this.
02:17:59 <fred_li> #action fred_li to ask follow up when to stop adding new private repos.
02:18:26 <fred_li> #topic Issues reviewing
02:18:39 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues
02:18:57 <fred_li> If you have some issues to highlight here, please let us know.
02:19:56 <shivam> fred_li thanks for the updates.I'II align my team on open issue
02:20:32 <fred_li> Thanks, @shivam
02:20:53 <fred_li> I would like to highlight https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/issues/I15P6I?from=project-issue
02:21:44 <fred_li> If you have time, please review this as it is manage the release flow.
02:22:07 <shivam> sure
02:22:22 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community-issue/issues
02:22:45 <fred_li> We will check the issues under this repo as well every time.
02:23:18 <fred_li> #info we are releasing blog system this week. https://gitee.com/openeuler/community-issue/issues/I17NN3?from=project-issue
02:25:28 <fred_li> The other 2 contributors are not online. sorry for this.
02:25:53 <fred_li> #topic Pull Request reviewing
02:26:06 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls
02:26:47 <fred_li> If anyone has time, please help to review https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/145
02:27:28 <fred_li> #topic open discussion
02:28:16 <fred_li> Following @blueskycs2c 's comments on the folder structure in gitee.com/openeuler/community.
02:29:57 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/145
02:30:38 <fred_li> sorry
02:30:42 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/145#note_2253791
02:31:04 <fred_li> Hi @helloworld
02:31:14 <helloworld> hi
02:32:17 <fred_li> we are in the last topic, open discussion.
02:32:40 <fred_li> Today, @blueskycs2c and @Rupal joined.
02:32:57 <helloworld> OK
02:33:26 <fred_li> Any more open discussion?
02:34:34 <helloworld> The Contributor's Guide needs to be updated.
02:34:49 <Rupal> Thanks fred_li for giving the background. Any specific module that you would recommend our team to focus on ?
02:35:36 <fred_li> Hi Rupal, could you please give some introduction about your team?
02:36:04 <blueskycs2c> should the file CONTRIBUTING.md belongs to contributors ?
02:36:10 <fred_li> @helloworld could you give the link regarding Contributor's guide?
02:37:11 <helloworld> I haven't had time to add issue.
02:37:40 <fred_li> @blueskycs2c The design of contribution guide is: 1. one guidance to guide the contributors to the repos; 2. in the repo, there should be specific contribution guidance.
02:37:42 <Rupal> There will be 5 contributors from click2cloud. They have experience on developing the library like OpenCV and other
02:38:30 <Rupal> We will enforce our contributors to join the upcoming meeting
02:39:17 <helloworld> fred_li   Yesterday afternoon, the release manager sent me a personal message that  the contributoer's guide need update for more detail.
02:40:03 <fred_li> @Rupal thanks a lot. let's finish the development guidance first and I will come back to yours.
02:40:16 <fred_li> #topic contribution guidance
02:40:24 <helloworld> Hu Feng is in charge of this.
02:40:27 <Rupal> sounds great, Thanks
02:40:35 <fred_li> Sorry to use some Chinese.
02:42:00 <fred_li> @helloworld @blueskycs2c 不知道我是否说清楚了贡献指南的设计逻辑。1. 社区级别的指南主要是告诉贡献者知道基本的贡献步骤,并且能找到他关心的项目;2. 每个项目介绍自己的specific的贡献指南,在每个repo下。
02:42:47 <fred_li> 如果两位认可,我们可以把这个思路再跟社区的人都讲一下,然后我们做什么、每个SIG做什么,就清楚了。
02:43:15 <blueskycs2c> sorry,Problems with Chinese display.
02:43:30 <fred_li> :-(
02:44:04 <fred_li> Actually I am saying "The design of contribution guide is: 1. one guidance to guide the contributors to the repos; 2. in the repo, there should be specific contribution guidance."
02:44:10 <helloworld> 这个逻辑是清楚的。目前发布经理那边反馈的问题是,他们认为现在公共操作的处理逻辑,现在也是不完善的。他希望尽快完善。
02:44:16 <fred_li> But I am not sure I explained myself clearly.
02:45:38 <blueskycs2c> @fred_li I think you are.
02:46:07 <blueskycs2c> and I agree with you.
02:47:03 <helloworld> OK,Now I'm in charge of the update with Hu Feng.
02:47:21 <fred_li> @helloworld Got it.
02:47:25 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues/I1934I
02:47:29 <fred_li> This one?
02:47:38 <helloworld> this document:https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/tree/master/zh/contributors
02:50:11 <fred_li> Actually this one is not adopted yet. In the portal, https://openeuler.org/zh/developer.html doesn't cover this file.
02:50:22 <helloworld> I always thought the content of the portal should put this link:https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/tree/master/zh/contributors
02:50:40 <fred_li> Anyway, I will join @helloworld to work on this.
02:50:59 <helloworld> OK
02:51:14 <fred_li> And I think it is also related with @blueskycs2c 's suggestion on the structure update.
02:51:41 <fred_li> If you'd like I can set up an audio meeting to discuss this later this week.
02:51:47 <fred_li> What time fits you?
02:52:02 <helloworld> yes, blueskycs2c 's suggestion is part of this update.
02:52:32 <helloworld> good idea
02:53:30 <fred_li> how about 10:00 am tomorrow, Beijing time?
02:54:20 <helloworld> OK
02:54:58 <fred_li> @blueskycs2c could you join this meeting? Or other time?
02:55:17 <blueskycs2c> OK
02:55:25 <blueskycs2c> yes I can
02:57:05 <fred_li> #action @fred_li to set up an audio meeting to discuss the contribution guidance from 10:00-11:00 on Wed. Beijing Time.
02:57:21 <fred_li> @Rupal sorry. coming back to yours.
02:57:32 <blueskycs2c> How to open the audio meeting@fred_li
02:58:06 <Rupal> That would be great. looking forward to meeting you next week.
02:58:12 <fred_li> @blueskycs2c I will send you invitation today, and you can check in advance.
02:58:37 <blueskycs2c> Thanks
02:59:01 <fred_li> @Rupal please ask your team to read https://openeuler.org/en/developer.html, and then apply for SIG if necessary following https://openeuler.org/en/sig.html.
02:59:22 <fred_li> Rupal left.
02:59:51 <fred_li> The time is up, and I would end the meeting
02:59:59 <helloworld> OK
03:00:10 <fred_li> Very glad to *meet* you all today.
03:00:14 <fred_li> bye
03:00:18 <blueskycs2c> bye
03:00:21 <fred_li> Have a nice day
03:00:26 <helloworld> bye
03:00:32 <fred_li> #endmeeting