09:00:29 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting Infrastructure
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09:00:34 <freesky-edward> hi, all
09:00:46 <imjoey> Hi, good to see you all.
09:00:47 <freesky-edward> imjoey, tommylikehu
09:00:57 <freesky-edward> nice to see you
09:00:59 <freesky-edward> here
09:01:00 <tommylikehu> hello
09:01:10 <freesky-edward> this is our first meeting
09:01:26 <freesky-edward> as there is no topic application
09:01:32 <tommylikehu> lol
09:01:37 <freesky-edward> so, I just list three topics
09:01:57 <freesky-edward> please refer to https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/pages/preview?sort_id=1610120&doc_id=387719
09:02:15 <freesky-edward> #topic Next stage efforts
09:02:45 <freesky-edward> As you can see, there are many things waiting to do
09:03:09 <freesky-edward> we should discuss and decide the priority
09:03:20 <tommylikehu> right
09:03:22 <imjoey> yep, deal with them one by one.
09:04:01 <imjoey> let's take a vote?
09:04:06 <freesky-edward> blog
09:04:06 <freesky-edward> , etherpad
09:04:06 <freesky-edward> ,   publish flow,
09:04:06 <freesky-edward> statics ,
09:04:06 <freesky-edward> image mirror
09:04:07 <tommylikehu> imjoey:  anyone you interested in ?
09:04:07 <freesky-edward> , patchwork
09:04:09 <freesky-edward> , mention-bot
09:04:11 <freesky-edward> ,publish OBS?
09:04:19 <freesky-edward> what's your opinion?
09:04:40 <freesky-edward> should I introduce them one by one?
09:04:59 <freesky-edward> if need you think, I will
09:05:04 <tommylikehu> just some of them
09:05:12 <tommylikehu> for example  mention bot?
09:05:21 <freesky-edward> please let me know which one?
09:05:23 <imjoey> I'm not very familiar with: publish flow/statistics/patchwork/mention-bot/OBS. :-)
09:05:31 <freesky-edward> fine
09:06:08 <freesky-edward> mention-bot is a system which will @ the relative guys to review the PR or give the comments on issue
09:06:24 <tommylikehu> oh
09:06:42 <freesky-edward> publish flow. that's just to support to publish the iso image from OBS
09:06:52 <freesky-edward> there are many job should be done
09:06:56 <tommylikehu> welcome Fred_Li
09:07:03 <Fred_Li> Hi all, sorry for being late
09:07:13 <freesky-edward> e.g. define how to tag the repos
09:07:24 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li welcome
09:07:28 <Fred_Li> thanks
09:07:37 <Fred_Li> Please go ahead. I will catch you.
09:07:44 <imjoey> Fred_Li welcome and please have your seat. :-)
09:08:00 <Fred_Li> thank you. imjoey
09:08:25 <freesky-edward> statictics is system to give the number view of the community, e.g. how many contributors, how many commits for each contributors
09:09:04 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li we are talking about the priority of the next stage works
09:09:14 <Fred_Li> OK
09:09:24 <freesky-edward> what's  your opinion?
09:09:43 <freesky-edward> let me continue to introduce the system of them
09:09:52 <Fred_Li> ok
09:09:54 <freesky-edward> free feel to discuss
09:10:24 <Fred_Li> Let's finish this one first. I will provide my concerns later after this topic.
09:10:29 <tommylikehu> vote for workflow of repo&iso publish
09:10:33 <freesky-edward> patchwork is a system that will accept the patch from maillist and commit them to gitee. this system only be used by kernel team
09:11:11 <freesky-edward> can you make sense of them imjoey?
09:11:20 <Fred_Li> agree, this will help kernel team.
09:11:40 <imjoey> freesky-edward yes, that's particularly for the kernel team.
09:11:47 <tommylikehu> freesky-edward:  here is a post regarding the dkim and spf issue: https://begriffs.com/posts/2018-09-18-dmarc-mailing-list.html
09:12:01 <freesky-edward> the last one is public OBS service
09:12:39 <freesky-edward> that beacuse, OBS can help to build the pkg locally,
09:12:50 <freesky-edward> which is very helpful to contributors
09:13:25 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu ok, we can add it into the list
09:13:53 <freesky-edward> any others should be listed to discuss?
09:14:05 <tommylikehu> freesky-edward:  are you taling about open the OBS service or setting up the OBS developing environment for developers.
09:14:18 <freesky-edward> yes, that's it
09:14:18 <Fred_Li> regarding helping contributors working, there are several options
09:14:52 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li your suggestion is?
09:14:53 <imjoey> freesky-edward  yes, I think a public OBS will be great for contributors. This will be a gorgeous work.
09:15:10 <freesky-edward> imjoey agree
09:15:21 <Fred_Li> option 1, provide Cloud IDE with openEuler behind so that developers have a "local" environment.
09:16:02 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li do you mean to provide a online IDE for contributor?
09:16:05 <Fred_Li> option 2, provide a kind of quiklab which offers e.g. 1 hour free use of environment for developers.
09:16:09 <Fred_Li> Yes
09:16:17 <freesky-edward> sounds great
09:16:44 <Fred_Li> option 3, offer OpenLab so that developers can access and debug
09:17:13 <tommylikehu> what's the difference between  2 and 3
09:17:19 <Fred_Li> I am not sure which option is fastest, and which developers like the best.
09:17:39 <freesky-edward> that's great suggestion. but I think much effort will be made for these options. do you think so Fred_Li
09:18:07 <Fred_Li> 2 and 3 are similar, but the difference could be that 2 are virtual machines, but 3 are physical machines.
09:18:21 <freesky-edward> In my opinion, open the OBS is the fastest way for us(infrastucture)
09:18:26 <Fred_Li> I am not OS developers thus I don't know which will be the best.
09:18:43 <freesky-edward> imjoey what's your opinion?
09:18:46 <Fred_Li> Maybe we can list them and listen to the community.
09:19:00 <tommylikehu> 2 would be reasonable
09:19:11 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li sounds a good idea
09:19:23 <Fred_Li> To open OBS is the best, but I am afraid that it is not enough.
09:19:40 <imjoey> agreed with freesky-edward that opening OBS will be great, for contributors like me. All the work by anyone are opened to anyone involved.
09:19:41 <Fred_Li> I guess developers need a local environment.
09:19:52 <freesky-edward> maybe, but we can have a try
09:20:15 <tommylikehu> Fred_Li:  yeah, they need some time and some experience to setting up the environment
09:20:17 <Fred_Li> OK. agree to open OBS as the first step.
09:20:34 <tommylikehu> but most importantly they don't have a arm environment
09:20:54 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu what's your opinion?
09:21:08 <freesky-edward> do you agree to open OBS service ?
09:21:13 <tommylikehu> sure!
09:21:27 <freesky-edward> #agree Open the OBS service
09:21:42 <tommylikehu> question: does tc support opening OBS?
09:21:52 <Fred_Li> I think so.
09:22:01 <tommylikehu> since we would open all of the projects including the private ones
09:22:12 <Fred_Li> this is a good question.
09:22:34 <freesky-edward> we discuss this question on community meeting
09:22:47 <freesky-edward> and sent an email to TC thread
09:23:25 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu let me check if we open the OBS service, is that meaning all project is open?
09:23:34 <tommylikehu> true
09:23:47 <freesky-edward> ok
09:23:52 <Fred_Li> #link https://mailweb.openeuler.org/hyperkitty/list/tc@openeuler.org/thread/SOJRYAWX6346QWR3FAYR55444GBFAEMY/
09:24:11 <tommylikehu> there are no private or hidden projects on OBS
09:24:24 <freesky-edward> I think we'd better keep the OBS close until all agree to open the repos
09:24:31 <Fred_Li> agreed
09:24:55 <freesky-edward> let us mark this work with low priority. do you agree?
09:25:09 <freesky-edward> just now
09:25:10 <imjoey> Wow, glad to see all projects will be available to me.
09:25:24 <freesky-edward> me too, imjoey
09:25:27 <freesky-edward> :)
09:25:38 <Fred_Li> :-)
09:25:51 <freesky-edward> though i have the access to them now
09:26:14 <freesky-edward> ok, let us move to the next
09:26:22 <freesky-edward> how about blog system?
09:26:38 <Fred_Li> May I give some urgent issues first?
09:26:52 <freesky-edward> do you think it is a system taht need to provide now?
09:27:03 <freesky-edward> sure Fred_Li
09:27:07 <Fred_Li> So far there are some bugs/issues, like the mail list still has many issues, like some are blocked by the mail servers.
09:27:37 <Fred_Li> tc@openeuler.org has an issue that when I reply to all, the tc@openeuler.org is missing.
09:28:04 <tommylikehu> Fred_Li:
09:28:09 <Fred_Li> I think we need fix such issues first, as the resource is limited
09:28:09 <freesky-edward> ok. that sounds a urgent thing we should add them into the list
09:28:12 <tommylikehu> yeah we need more works on this
09:28:46 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li can you please add them into the meeting wiki
09:28:52 <imjoey> yep, mail server is very important, previously I suffered a lot.
09:29:07 <freesky-edward> let's mark it with high priority with number 0
09:29:24 <tommylikehu> oh, imjoey  maybe you can share some experience
09:29:32 <imjoey> I will also make efforts on mail server.
09:29:34 <tommylikehu> we are suffering now
09:29:37 <Fred_Li> OK, I will add them on wiki.
09:29:43 <freesky-edward> imjoey thanks so much
09:29:56 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li thanks
09:30:11 <freesky-edward> any others Fred_Li ?
09:30:16 <imjoey> I mean that previously I cannot receive the activation mail from openeuler.org.
09:30:34 <tommylikehu> imjoey:  come on
09:30:47 <Fred_Li> CVE management
09:31:02 <freesky-edward> sorry to forget the CVE management
09:31:22 <freesky-edward> that's another important thing
09:33:16 <imjoey> tommylikehu that's all :)  I will try to have a test that  whether I could receive the activation email after meeting.
09:33:18 <tommylikehu> what we need doing?
09:33:19 <freesky-edward> waht's the priority do you suggest?
09:33:51 <Fred_Li> by the way, meeting wiki is good. I will use it before we have etherpad.
09:34:01 <freesky-edward> set the priority now and to see if anyone can help on these efforts
09:34:38 <Fred_Li> My opinion. 1. we need fix the issues of mail list. 2. start design CVE management.
09:34:50 <tommylikehu> I would nominate myself working on mail server
09:35:11 <freesky-edward> do you agree the priority rank. 0. email bug-fix   1. CVE management?
09:35:32 <imjoey> freesky-edward I agreed
09:35:37 <freesky-edward> #startvote do you agree the priority rank. 0. email bug-fix   1. CVE management? (+1, 0, -1)
09:35:37 <openeuler9ci-bot> Begin voting on: do you agree the priority rank. 0. email bug-fix   1. CVE management? Valid vote options are , +1, 0, -1, .
09:35:37 <openeuler9ci-bot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
09:36:01 <freesky-edward> #vote +1
09:36:02 <tommylikehu> #vote 0
09:36:07 <imjoey> #vote +1
09:36:16 <tommylikehu> #vote +1
09:36:29 <Fred_Li> #vote +1
09:36:32 <freesky-edward> thanks
09:36:35 <freesky-edward> #endvote
09:36:35 <openeuler9ci-bot> Voted on "do you agree the priority rank. 0. email bug-fix   1. CVE management?" Results are
09:36:35 <openeuler9ci-bot> +1 (4): Fred_Li, freesky-edward, tommylikehu, imjoey
09:36:49 <freesky-edward> I will update the wiki later.
09:36:57 <freesky-edward> according to our decision
09:37:25 <freesky-edward> any other efforts do you think we'd discuss here?
09:37:37 <Fred_Li> Yes
09:37:46 <freesky-edward> pelase Fred_Li
09:38:10 <Fred_Li> Bot system
09:38:16 <freesky-edward> https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/Meeting%20Schedule
09:38:26 <freesky-edward> I already update some of them
09:38:32 <Fred_Li> 1. cla signature, when will we launch this one?
09:39:06 <Fred_Li> like block merging without CLA signed.
09:39:12 <freesky-edward> let us discuss this for next topic: the review request
09:39:19 <Fred_Li> OK
09:39:31 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li, yes, that's right
09:39:41 <freesky-edward> all is ready
09:39:54 <freesky-edward> let's move to next topic
09:39:54 <Fred_Li> Wondering when to launch.
09:39:57 <Fred_Li> OK
09:40:06 <freesky-edward> #topic PR review request
09:40:26 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li let's review it first
09:40:43 <freesky-edward> and I will provide the test link
09:40:58 <Fred_Li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44
09:40:58 <freesky-edward> if anyone will please help on the testing
09:41:22 <freesky-edward>
09:41:37 <freesky-edward> I will update the version on here later
09:41:49 <freesky-edward> please help on test if it works well
09:41:57 <Fred_Li> Count me for the test.
09:42:11 <freesky-edward> Fred_Li thanks
09:42:25 <freesky-edward> that's one of the PR review request.
09:42:28 <freesky-edward> any others?
09:42:42 <tommylikehu> unable to visit
09:42:58 <imjoey> me neither.
09:43:16 <freesky-edward> #action all review the PR https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44  https://gitee.com/openeuler/ci-bot/pulls/22
09:43:24 <freesky-edward> please wait
09:43:36 <freesky-edward> let me update it later
09:43:57 <freesky-edward> I will give the comment on PR when it is ready
09:44:04 <imjoey> please count me for testing.
09:44:18 <freesky-edward> imjoey tommylikehu thanks so much
09:44:24 <tommylikehu> please add another action for website testing
09:45:06 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu what do you mean
09:45:18 <freesky-edward> for cla authentication?
09:45:41 <tommylikehu> I mean #action tommylikehu and imjoey  testing website :
09:45:53 <freesky-edward> fine, thanks
09:46:04 <freesky-edward> #action tommylikehu and imjoey  testing website :
09:46:16 <freesky-edward> any other PR review request?
09:46:40 <freesky-edward> okay
09:46:59 <freesky-edward> #topic open discussion
09:47:12 <Fred_Li> I have another
09:47:21 <freesky-edward> please
09:47:40 <Fred_Li> I think it is important for uses to know the pair feature-patchset.
09:48:09 <freesky-edward> agree, any suggestion?
09:48:14 <Fred_Li> As users, or OS vendors may adopt only some patches.
09:48:17 <freesky-edward> link the issue with PR?
09:48:46 <Fred_Li> imjoey are you familiar with such scenarios or requirements from OSV point of view?
09:49:25 <Fred_Li> I haven't submitted PR so far as it is a very rough idea.
09:49:34 <imjoey> yep, patchset is quite important for us.
09:49:56 <imjoey> at least, the changelogs definied in  spec files needs much more meaningful.
09:50:24 <Fred_Li> Are you happy with the current spec?
09:51:24 <imjoey> When we are going to merge some patches, we can hardly make it due to patches are not clear.
09:51:28 <freesky-edward> imjoey agree, suggest to open an issue if you will
09:51:46 <imjoey> absolutely not. Fred_Li
09:51:54 <Fred_Li> :-(
09:52:23 <freesky-edward> we'd do something, guys. come on
09:52:24 <imjoey> For example: `fix some bugs`  or `take some patches`.
09:52:47 <Fred_Li> Such issues are critical to all the developers and I would like to inform them.
09:52:54 <imjoey> `adjust the specs`.
09:52:57 <imjoey> :-)
09:53:35 <Fred_Li> If you can submit one issue, that will be helpful. If not, I will find one and push them.
09:53:40 <imjoey> freesky-edward yep, I will open an issue for the specification of changelog.
09:54:02 <freesky-edward> imjoey thanks for the effort
09:54:20 <imjoey> I just see hundreds of spec files under src-openeuler org.
09:54:26 <Fred_Li> Please leave an action to me to inform developers to improve the description of specs/patches, and analyze pair feature-patcheset
09:54:52 <Fred_Li> I don't have further topics for today's.
09:55:00 <freesky-edward> #action Fred_Li inform developers to improve the description of specs/patches, and analyze pair feature-patcheset
09:55:01 <imjoey> And also, please for me an action to open an issue  for the specification of changlogs.
09:55:19 <freesky-edward> #action imjoey  open an issue  for the specification of changlogs.
09:55:28 <freesky-edward> thank you all so much
09:55:44 <freesky-edward> very nice to e-meet you all in openeuler community
09:55:55 <tommylikehu> marking our first meeting :)
09:56:01 <freesky-edward> cheers
09:56:13 <freesky-edward> see you all next time
09:56:22 <imjoey> yep, thank you all  folks. Good to have our 1st meeting.
09:56:23 <Fred_Li> sorry
09:56:41 <Fred_Li> I would say
09:56:53 <Fred_Li> I want to meet you all in person on HDC.Cloud 2020.
09:56:59 <Fred_Li> :-)
09:57:08 <freesky-edward> :)
09:57:10 <tommylikehu> nice event :)
09:57:15 <Fred_Li> will you all go there? on Feb 11 and 12.
09:57:21 <Fred_Li> Shenzhen.
09:57:23 <imjoey> :-)  See you all at HDC.Cloud 2020.
09:57:30 <Fred_Li> OK
09:57:38 <Fred_Li> happy to have the first meeting with you.
09:57:38 <freesky-edward> :)
09:57:44 <freesky-edward> +1
09:57:48 <freesky-edward> see you next time
09:57:54 <imjoey> By the way, thank you freesky-edward for inviting me.
09:57:55 <tommylikehu> see ya
09:57:55 <Fred_Li> bye
09:57:59 <freesky-edward> bye
09:58:03 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting