09:00:56 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting infrastructure
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09:01:03 <freesky-edward> hi
09:01:09 <freesky-edward> fred_li hi
09:01:13 <myeuler> hi
09:01:14 <freesky-edward> imjoey hi
09:01:16 <imjoey> Hi folks
09:01:20 <freesky-edward> myeuler hi
09:01:27 <freesky-edward> welcome
09:01:41 <fred_li> welcome myeuler
09:01:42 <freesky-edward> let us start the meeting
09:01:50 <freesky-edward> the agenda https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/Meeting%20Schedule
09:02:09 <freesky-edward> #topic upport to rename repo
09:02:28 <freesky-edward> imjoey could you please explain this proposal
09:02:35 <freesky-edward> thanks
09:02:39 <imjoey> yep, this is a proposal from me.
09:02:54 <fred_li> if you have issue, please share the link as well. thanks
09:02:55 <imjoey> https://gitee.com/open_euler/dashboard/pull_requests?id=2033493
09:03:35 <imjoey> iSula team was going to change the names of iSula relevant repositories.
09:04:02 <freesky-edward> that sounds a real case we should support
09:04:36 <imjoey> Current ci-bot will create some new empty repos, but will also missing the pr/issues in previous repos. So shall we add support for renaming repos?
09:05:10 <freesky-edward> IMHO, it is necessary.
09:05:12 <myeuler> I suggest we add this feature.
09:05:17 <fred_li> first of all, it seems myeuler approved too fast.
09:05:24 <freesky-edward> any ideas from others?
09:05:41 <freesky-edward> fred_li that's problem
09:06:04 <imjoey> :-) yep, myeuler's approval is indeed faster than I expected.
09:06:09 <freesky-edward> actually, we don't support that
09:06:19 <freesky-edward> pr
09:06:42 <freesky-edward> currently the bot only support to add repo
09:07:08 <myeuler> yes, their project name is a truely disaster
09:07:20 <freesky-edward> +1
09:08:06 <imjoey> +1
09:08:15 <freesky-edward> fred_li what's your opinion?
09:08:26 <freesky-edward> and others
09:09:11 <freesky-edward> I think it looks a case we'd approve to support.
09:09:53 <imjoey> Could I take this action to make this done? :-)
09:09:56 <freesky-edward> BTW, imjoey, are you going to start working on the proposal?
09:10:19 <fred_li> hi
09:10:29 <freesky-edward> appreciated
09:10:35 <imjoey> yep, please mark this action for me. Thanks.
09:10:36 <freesky-edward> imjoey
09:11:01 <freesky-edward> #action support to rename repo
09:11:08 <freesky-edward> #action imjoey support to rename repo
09:11:32 <freesky-edward> imjoey thanks
09:11:41 <imjoey> my pleasure.
09:11:52 <fred_li> my network was disconnected. I will check the log later. sorry for this.
09:12:02 <tommylikehu> me too
09:12:06 <freesky-edward> if no other comments, let's move next
09:12:14 <fred_li> ok
09:12:20 <imjoey> ok
09:12:20 <tommylikehu> sorry for being late
09:12:23 <freesky-edward> #topic PR review request
09:12:33 <HelloWord> If you rename repo, perhaps also need to update document synchronously.
09:12:34 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu hi, how are you?
09:13:05 <freesky-edward> HelloWord that would be an option for PR
09:13:18 <tommylikehu> hey freesky-edward
09:13:30 <freesky-edward> any review request?
09:14:06 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu how about the issue related maillist
09:14:07 <fred_li> sorry, but which topic are we on now?
09:14:39 <freesky-edward> PR review request fred_li
09:14:44 <fred_li> OK
09:15:00 <freesky-edward> do you have any suggestion on the last topic?
09:15:02 <tommylikehu> freesky-edward: I fixed some of them, we might upgrade the mailist server sometimg
09:15:35 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu thanks, any PR should be reviewed ?
09:15:37 <fred_li> regarding maillist, after tommylikehu modified the settings this afternoon, I haven't met any issues so far.
09:16:07 <fred_li> how about signing CLA ?
09:16:22 <fred_li> https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44
09:16:37 <fred_li> I tested last week and it worked finally as expected.
09:16:51 <freesky-edward> fred_li please give a little more time to test it
09:17:10 <tommylikehu> @freesky-edward  will upload another pr regarding mailist server
09:17:20 <freesky-edward> fred_li other more, I'd to consider wehther to support update CLA
09:17:42 <tommylikehu> @fred_li  freesky-edward
09:17:48 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu, looking forward to it, please let meknow when it's ready
09:18:16 <tommylikehu> recently I would spend much of my time on another community, then it would be a little delay on my openeuler work
09:18:32 <fred_li> sorry to hear this
09:19:07 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu anything can we help you?
09:19:29 <fred_li> I think to tommylikehu, you can focus on valid issues, nor new features since you are busy.
09:19:30 <imjoey> freesky-edward Regarding to the signing CLA, we may merge that pr first, and then to improve it by supporting updating.
09:20:22 <tommylikehu> freesky-edward:  I can raise some issues&requirements on infra project, hope someone could pick them up and fix some.
09:20:27 <freesky-edward> imjoey sounds good, please review them
09:20:29 <tommylikehu> fred_li:  thanks
09:20:41 <fred_li> I don't think we need consider CLA update now. freesky-edward
09:20:43 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu, great
09:21:28 <freesky-edward> fred_li as imjoey suggested, please review the PRs
09:22:20 <fred_li> OK. could you please share the PR links?
09:22:45 <fred_li> I reviewed 2 PRs about CLA but not sure those 2 are all.
09:22:48 <fred_li> thanks
09:23:24 <freesky-edward> https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44
09:23:30 <freesky-edward> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44
09:23:52 <freesky-edward> #action fred_li imjoey tommylikehu review this PR https://gitee.com/openeuler/website/pulls/44
09:24:00 <fred_li> got it
09:24:33 <freesky-edward> give me some time to squash the commits
09:24:39 <freesky-edward> thanks
09:24:42 <imjoey> freesky-edward: It seemed I've already commented with a lgtm.
09:25:09 <freesky-edward> imjoey thanks
09:25:46 <freesky-edward> any other review request?
09:26:34 <freesky-edward> let's move to next
09:26:43 <freesky-edward> #topic cancel next week meeting
09:27:01 <freesky-edward> as you may know, next week is holiday
09:27:15 <fred_li> happy Chinese New Year!
09:27:16 <fred_li> to all
09:27:18 <freesky-edward> so I propose to cancel next weekly meeting
09:27:27 <freesky-edward> please vote
09:27:32 <fred_li> +1
09:27:33 <imjoey> +1
09:27:36 <RuiChen> +1
09:27:44 <tommylikehu> +1
09:27:52 <freesky-edward> #startvote cancel next weekly meeting (+1, -1)
09:27:52 <openeuler9ci-bot> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
09:28:01 <fred_li> +1
09:28:18 <RuiChen> +1
09:28:28 <fred_li> #vote +1
09:28:32 <freesky-edward> ok, it seem no _1
09:28:50 <freesky-edward> #info cancel next weekly meeting
09:29:00 <freesky-edward> thanks
09:29:15 <freesky-edward> #topic open discussion
09:29:26 <fred_li> I have some
09:29:33 <freesky-edward> please fred_li
09:29:34 <fred_li> 1. how about CVE management
09:29:56 <fred_li> 2. open the OBS service
09:30:23 <freesky-edward> AFAIK, currently, we finished the console design.
09:31:02 <freesky-edward> it seems zhengyunhangHans dosn't join this meeting, he may provide more detailed info
09:31:36 <fred_li> his chrome can not join irc.
09:31:40 <freesky-edward> regarding to open the OBS service, I already sent the email to TC
09:31:55 <fred_li> OK, I can send email to query about CVE.
09:31:56 <freesky-edward> but no response
09:32:32 <freesky-edward> I meant to open the private repo
09:32:50 <freesky-edward> fred_li thanks
09:33:33 <fred_li> #link https://mailweb.openeuler.org/hyperkitty/list/tc@openeuler.org/thread/7HXTNUYTEBKEKZOOK7J6HSLC7Q525USO/
09:34:07 <fred_li> myeuler you are appreciated if you can ask TC to handle this email,
09:35:35 <fred_li> let's move to next
09:35:55 <fred_li> 3. what requirements we need to finish by Chinese New Year?
09:36:17 <freesky-edward> no more topic fred_li
09:36:28 <fred_li> As I know, download page is one of them. zhengyuhangHans is working on it.
09:36:42 <freesky-edward> that's one
09:36:44 <fred_li> how about ISO files server?
09:37:20 <tommylikehu>
09:37:26 <freesky-edward> another is to build a repo download server.
09:37:54 <fred_li> maybe we can list them in the meeting logs
09:37:55 <tommylikehu> this would be the place to hold all of the repo and isos
09:38:11 <fred_li> another one is to update why openEuler
09:38:17 <fred_li> I can take this action.
09:38:36 <freesky-edward> how is going tommylikehu, anything can we help you?
09:38:37 <fred_li> #action fred_li to finish updating "why openEuler" in the website.
09:38:55 <freesky-edward> fred_li thanks
09:38:58 <tommylikehu> freesky-edward:  waiting for the final isos and repos
09:39:29 <tommylikehu> also we need figure out how to handle this without domain name
09:39:33 <fred_li> a minor issue: in the url, I don't like captions, like openEuler.
09:39:35 <freesky-edward> great, thanks for the efforts
09:39:46 <fred_li> the same to repo name, like iSulad
09:40:00 <tommylikehu> fred_li:
09:40:09 <tommylikehu> hmm, me too
09:40:44 <fred_li> so, could you modify this
09:41:01 <fred_li> since you are working on it.
09:41:05 <tommylikehu> sure
09:41:09 <fred_li> thanks
09:41:57 <fred_li> I don't have more topics
09:42:14 <freesky-edward> any others?
09:42:37 <imjoey> May I ask one more question that when the OBS will be opened?
09:43:22 <imjoey> Is there a schedule for that?
09:44:08 <freesky-edward> imjoey, AFAIK, other teams are working on open the private repo. when all is ready, we will start to open it
09:44:15 <freesky-edward> any suggestion on this ?
09:44:35 <freesky-edward> no schedule from my known
09:44:41 <fred_li> Let me get the plan
09:44:49 <fred_li> I will take this action.
09:45:06 <fred_li> imjoey good point, thanks for reminding this
09:45:42 <fred_li> I don't know whether my adding action works or not, since freesky-edward is the meeting chair.
09:46:13 <imjoey> fred_li:  freesky-edward: OK, thanks. We are also internally working on the building system for openEuler. While I think a public OBS may be super helpful for every contributors.
09:46:21 <freesky-edward> #action fred_li get the schedule of open OBS
09:46:28 <freesky-edward> fred_li thanks
09:46:46 <freesky-edward> imjoey agree
09:46:49 <imjoey> many thanks to you all.
09:47:16 <fred_li> you are welcome
09:47:50 <imjoey> I've no other topics.
09:48:27 <freesky-edward> ok, that's all thank everyone for joining this meeting
09:48:36 <fred_li> thanks
09:48:48 <freesky-edward> happy Chinese New Year
09:48:59 <imjoey> Thanks everyone. Wish you all a happy spring festival.
09:49:09 <tommylikehu> see you next chinese year
09:49:15 <fred_li> thank you and see you next month (year)
09:49:15 <freesky-edward> bye
09:49:17 <imjoey> See you.
09:49:19 <fred_li> bye
09:49:23 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting