09:00:19 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting infrastructure
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09:00:42 <freesky-edward> it seems there is no special topic
09:00:45 <fred_li> hi @freesky-edward @tommylikehu_
09:00:50 <tommylikehu_> hey
09:00:57 <freesky-edward> so let's open disscuss
09:01:10 <freesky-edward> hi, fred_li tommylikehu_
09:01:23 <freesky-edward> nice to meet you both
09:01:42 <tommylikehu_> :)
09:01:56 <fred_li> I think we can review the tasks we are working.
09:02:09 <freesky-edward> #topic open discussion
09:02:23 <fred_li> Or you can send email so that all of members know.
09:02:24 <freesky-edward> http://meetings.openeuler.org/openeuler-meeting/2020/infrastructure/2020-02-04-09.00.html
09:02:33 <freesky-edward> last meeting there leave one action
09:02:49 <freesky-edward> firstly, let me sync my research
09:02:55 <fred_li> OK
09:03:39 <freesky-edward> currently, all system whatever they are can proxy by website server with uri
09:04:20 <freesky-edward> e.g. OBS system location with some address. but we can integrated it with https://openeuler.org/build
09:04:29 <freesky-edward> so the same as jenckins
09:05:02 <fred_li> good to know
09:05:04 <fred_li> thank you
09:05:11 <tommylikehu_> thank you
09:05:17 <freesky-edward> one thing we should be care, the network should be internal
09:05:42 <freesky-edward> that's a problem with our current deployment.
09:06:20 <freesky-edward> as you may know many of the systems locates in beijing, however, the website locates in hongkong
09:07:16 <freesky-edward> I am trying to build a VPN or peering channel between them, i am not sure whether can it work, this work is still in test
09:07:21 <freesky-edward> that's all
09:07:50 <fred_li> got it
09:08:12 <freesky-edward> any question or suggestion on this?
09:08:13 <tommylikehu_> hope it works
09:08:22 <tommylikehu_> nope
09:08:48 <fred_li> so the top 1 is OBS.
09:09:03 <freesky-edward> I think so.
09:09:43 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_ could you please let me know the status of OBS schedule improvement
09:10:10 <freesky-edward> let us
09:10:14 <freesky-edward> sorry
09:11:14 <fred_li> he is typing
09:11:22 <fred_li> maybe :-)
09:12:48 <fred_li> While waiting, I propose @freesky-edward to send weekly summay every week to infra@openeuler.org. The idea is to let them know what we are working on, and what need developers.
09:13:01 <fred_li> Or you can create one wiki to record.
09:13:30 <tommylikehu_> freesky-edward:  as well discussed this morning
09:13:46 <tommylikehu_> I would send out the email to notice those guys
09:14:11 <fred_li> thanks @tommylikehu_
09:14:51 <freesky-edward> I suggest to use wiki and meeting records, but for the beginning times I'd like to send the address to mail list for those who are not fimilar with us
09:15:13 <tommylikehu_> sounds good
09:15:14 <fred_li> Great
09:15:51 <fred_li> I sent one email to infra team on Feb 7 to list what I know. You can refer to if necessary.
09:16:26 <freesky-edward> I am afraid I miss that email.
09:17:13 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_ that's another problem I met several times that my private email(gmail) miss the email thread
09:17:20 <fred_li> one minute
09:17:22 <freesky-edward> do you have any idea on this
09:18:00 <tommylikehu_> not now
09:18:31 <fred_li> #link https://mailweb.openeuler.org/hyperkitty/list/infra@openeuler.org/thread/4SCGTWNF6RZEHNZAHDAKUP6WDXWDEKCX/
09:18:40 <fred_li> Welcome @blueskycs2c
09:19:03 <tommylikehu_> thanks
09:19:25 <fred_li> @tommylikehu_ I am also suffering the mail list. Anyhow my gmail works fine. My company email doesn't.
09:20:05 <tommylikehu_> oh  bothering issue
09:21:40 <fred_li> And I raised #https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues/I19382?from=project-issue, because some guys are suffering IRC.
09:22:08 <fred_li> If the client works, we'd better send email to the community to have the workable clients.
09:24:11 <fred_li> And, the blog system progress is good and it will be ready by Thursday. Zhengyuhang and @freesky-edward are working on it.
09:24:42 <freesky-edward> IMHO, every team can decide which kind of IM we want to, it doesn't the work of mine, if IRC doesn't work, we can only do nothing on it
09:25:57 <tommylikehu_> sorry guys, I have to leave a while for my child, I would get back and catch up with you later :(.
09:27:07 <fred_li> @tommylikehu_ fine, take care.
09:27:13 <freesky-edward> the whole IRC system is public, each one's network is quite different, we cannot fix all. that's my opinion
09:27:42 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_ just do as you please, :)
09:28:10 <fred_li> @freesky-edward agreed. what we can do is 1) check the tools are open; 2) share good communication to the community.
09:29:29 <freesky-edward> agree, anyone can share his. we can pick one when the team are on the same page on it
09:29:32 <fred_li> I think we can communicate via email list later, since we have reviewed the top issues.
09:29:49 <freesky-edward> fine
09:30:08 <fred_li> thanks
09:31:22 <fred_li> If you agree, we can end today's meeting.
09:31:57 <freesky-edward> if no other topic, let's end it
09:32:06 <fred_li> thanks
09:32:11 <freesky-edward> thanks all
09:32:32 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting