09:00:37 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting infrastructure
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09:00:43 <freesky-edward> hi
09:00:52 <imjoey> freesky-edward: Hi
09:01:02 <freesky-edward> imjoey, hi, how are you?
09:01:24 <imjoey> all is good. how about you?
09:01:38 <freesky-edward> all is fine
09:02:03 <freesky-edward> are you at office or at home?
09:02:13 <imjoey> It seems only us in .
09:02:17 <imjoey> at home
09:02:29 <freesky-edward> it seems
09:02:55 <freesky-edward> let us wait for one moment
09:03:09 <imjoey> ok
09:03:33 <imjoey> tommylikehu_: hi, good to see you.
09:03:33 <freesky-edward> hi tommylikehu_
09:03:39 <tommylikehu_> hi
09:04:25 <freesky-edward> ok, there is not many things except one topic. please refer to https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/Meeting%20Schedule?sort_id=1610120
09:04:47 <freesky-edward> of course, if you have any topic, we can add it now
09:05:17 <freesky-edward> #topic Add zhongjun2 to maintainer group
09:05:49 <freesky-edward> this is exactly to say a proposal from tommylikehu_
09:06:01 <tommylikehu_> yeah.
09:06:34 <freesky-edward> https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/135
09:06:55 <tommylikehu_> I think she did a great job on setting up our promethus system
09:07:46 <imjoey> that's really awesome work, imo.
09:07:57 <freesky-edward> yeah, I sent an email for this proposal, and got three +1 now
09:08:36 <tommylikehu_> that's more than a half
09:08:48 <freesky-edward> let's vote again here
09:09:17 <tommylikehu_> sure
09:09:26 <freesky-edward> #startvote do agree to add zhongjun2 as maintainers of infra? (+1,0, -1)
09:09:26 <openeuler-ci-bot> Begin voting on: do agree to add zhongjun2 as maintainers of infra? Valid vote options are , +1, 0, -1, .
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09:09:41 <freesky-edward> #vote +1
09:09:46 <imjoey> #vote +1
09:09:56 <tommylikehu_> #vote +1
09:09:59 <tommylikehu_> hey zhongjun2_
09:10:03 <imjoey> zhongjun2_:  Hi, welcome.
09:10:09 <zhongjun2_> hello all
09:10:10 <freesky-edward> hi, zhongjun2_
09:11:28 <freesky-edward> let's hold on for a moment, please throw it out if you have any question for this topic. thanks
09:11:39 <zhongjun2_> hi  freesky-edward   tommylikehu_  imjoey
09:12:06 <freesky-edward> #endvote
09:12:06 <openeuler-ci-bot> Voted on "do agree to add zhongjun2 as maintainers of infra?" Results are
09:12:06 <openeuler-ci-bot> +1 (3): freesky-edward, tommylikehu_, imjoey
09:12:16 <freesky-edward> okay, passed
09:12:31 <tommylikehu_> let's celebrate
09:12:34 <zhongjun2_> Thanks It's my pleasure
09:12:43 <imjoey> yep. congrats to zhongjun2_
09:13:16 <freesky-edward> imjoey, tommylikehu_ could you please give your review comment for this PR https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/135
09:13:23 <freesky-edward> congrats zhongjun2_
09:14:08 <freesky-edward> #topic open discussion
09:14:16 <tommylikehu_> imjoey:  sure
09:15:08 <imjoey> freesky-edward:  maybe tommylikehu_ needs rebase that pr before merged.
09:15:25 <tommylikehu_> yeah  working on
09:15:38 <imjoey> tommylikehu_: thanks.
09:16:27 <freesky-edward> BTW, our published the blog system, please test and you are welcome to submit any post.
09:16:33 <freesky-edward> http://blog.openeuler.org/
09:16:44 <freesky-edward> this is the link
09:16:50 <fred_li> hi, sorry for being late
09:17:00 <fred_li> please continue and I will catch up
09:17:01 <freesky-edward> fred_li, hi
09:17:07 <imjoey> fred_li: Hi
09:17:48 <fred_li> The blog is still in trial phase and feel free to try, review and submit your suggestion or proposal. thanks
09:17:55 <freesky-edward> fred_li, we voted for adding zhongjun2 as the maintainers, though the process is end, you can also give your comments. thanks
09:18:41 <fred_li> I have +1.
09:18:54 <freesky-edward> fred_li, thanks
09:18:57 <zhongjun2_> thanks :)
09:19:20 <freesky-edward> ok, let move to next
09:19:24 <fred_li> The commit has conflicts and I asked @tommylikehu_ who submitted the PR to handle. Hopefully he will have time.
09:19:51 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_ do you have anything to sync for the OBS open?
09:19:57 <fred_li> @zhongjun2_ We all appreciated your work
09:20:05 <tommylikehu_> fred_li: done
09:20:35 <tommylikehu_> hmm, I was going to setting up another backend for our home project as we discussed before
09:20:51 <zhongjun2_> fred_li:  Thank you!!  became the core member again haha ,  supprise
09:20:51 <tommylikehu_> but now I am working on the x86 performance issue now
09:21:40 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_, could you give a little more detailed introduction for your design? so that everyone can understand more, thanks
09:22:18 <fred_li> Or you can share your design/idea document if you have.
09:22:33 <freesky-edward> especially, why to set up another backend, and how is working.
09:22:40 <tommylikehu_> ok, the background is we are going to open OBS to public
09:23:12 <tommylikehu_> but we also need guarantee the resource that will be used for our main projects
09:23:50 <tommylikehu_> so we need to setting up another backend(including all of the backend services) for main projects, that's copied from opensuse's deployment
09:24:52 <tommylikehu_> and the tech detail can be found: https://openbuildservice.org/help/manuals/obs-admin-guide/obs.cha.installation_and_configuration.html#_distributed_setup
09:25:19 <tommylikehu_> that's is to say, we would setting another new backend for any logined user
09:25:20 <freesky-edward> fred_li, +1, that would be a good practice if there being a design docs for this update in infrastructure project
09:25:43 <tommylikehu_> will do
09:25:54 <fred_li> #link https://build.opensuse.org/monitor
09:26:12 <fred_li> This is another link to understand how openSUSE OBS works now.
09:26:13 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu_ great jobs, thanks
09:30:00 <tommylikehu_> https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/pulls/135 this path needs another lgtm label
09:30:32 <tommylikehu_> ping
09:30:50 <freesky-edward> okay
09:30:53 <fred_li> I did 5 days ago :-)
09:31:25 <tommylikehu_> fred_li  syncing issue :)
09:32:17 <fred_li> let's continue
09:32:28 <freesky-edward> any other thing are you going to discuss? except  blog and OBS
09:32:53 <tommylikehu_> imjoey:
09:33:18 <imjoey> I've one about renaming repo via ci-bot.
09:33:22 <tommylikehu_> do you have anything to sync regarding testing developing process on gitee?
09:33:47 <fred_li> I am thinking of sending weekly report to all the community members about what infrastructure team is working on and what is still pending.
09:34:09 <fred_li> If anyone wants to join un for help, he needs to understand the current situation.
09:34:25 <tommylikehu_> fred_li: great!
09:34:58 <imjoey> fred_li: yep, that would be great.
09:36:04 <imjoey> #link: #link: https://gitee.com/oschina/git-osc/issues/I18R3F gitee has officially supported renaming both the path and name of a repo today. But there still some issues about the gitee OpenAPI.
09:37:34 <imjoey> I found an issue that the new API to change a repository always return 400 with a error message 'path is missing' .
09:38:09 <imjoey> I was curious that if it would affect our ci-bot currently.
09:38:15 <freesky-edward> fred_li fine, I would like to send the email if you agree.
09:39:31 <fred_li> +1 and big thanks @freesky-edward
09:39:32 <freesky-edward> imjoey it indeed affect the bot now, we are still researching in how to fix it.
09:39:54 <imjoey> good news. liwen from gitee official left a new comment about the issue and will resolve it tonight.
09:39:56 <freesky-edward> now, the bot cannot create the repo via API
09:40:04 <imjoey> Just a minute ago.
09:40:16 <fred_li> cool Liwen
09:40:38 <freesky-edward> nice
09:40:57 <imjoey> unfortunately, he did a breaking change for the OpenAPI.
09:42:42 <imjoey> I'll follow that issue and to ensure everything will be fine again.
09:43:30 <imjoey> freesky-edward: Could you please provide the error message about repo creation failure?
09:43:48 <freesky-edward> imjoey, do you know waht kind changes it had?
09:44:19 <freesky-edward> error message i got is '400 bad request'
09:45:23 <imjoey> Honestly, the changes are to enable updating both the name and path of a repository.  IMO, it should never affect other APIs, such as repo creation.
09:45:53 <freesky-edward> ok, looks fine
09:45:58 <freesky-edward> thanks imjoey
09:47:31 <imjoey> while, the release of the updated API seems not well tested. :)
09:47:56 <freesky-edward> it may be
09:49:15 <imjoey> #link: https://gitee.com/oschina/git-osc/issues/I19N86?from=project-issue I also request an issue to Gitee-Feedback for asking support for disabling comment to a repo.
09:49:37 <imjoey> I will add that functionality once OpenAPI is ready.
09:50:07 <freesky-edward> imjoey thanks so much
09:50:30 <imjoey> my pleasure.
09:52:16 <freesky-edward> do you have other topics?
09:52:56 <imjoey> not any more.
09:53:08 <fred_li> I don't have now
09:53:37 <freesky-edward> ok, that's all, thanks you all, see you next time
09:53:47 <fred_li> see you all
09:53:49 <imjoey> See you guys.
09:53:50 <fred_li> bye
09:53:55 <zhongjun2_> bye
09:54:15 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting