09:03:05 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting infrastructure
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09:03:08 <freesky-edward> hi
09:03:35 <freesky-edward> anyone here? sorry for my late joining
09:03:58 <blueskycs2c> hello
09:04:54 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, hi
09:05:02 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, how are you?
09:05:35 <blueskycs2c> e
09:05:43 <blueskycs2c> fine.
09:06:58 <freesky-edward> let's waiting for a while.
09:07:21 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, Ivye hi, do you have any topics here?
09:09:18 <Ivye> Hi. Not yet. I'll listen first.
09:10:07 <tommylikehu__> hey Ivye welcome
09:10:35 <blueskycs2c> no @freesky-edward
09:11:17 <blueskycs2c> I want to listen first
09:11:53 <freesky-edward> tommylikehu__, anything from you?
09:12:03 <Ivye> Hi :)  tommylikehu__
09:12:15 <tommylikehu__> no
09:12:49 <tommylikehu__> Ivye:  where are you from
09:13:17 <freesky-edward> if not, let's open discuss
09:17:52 <blueskycs2c> What's your wechat? @freesky-edward
09:18:34 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, bendanlzh
09:19:13 <blueskycs2c> slob?
09:19:46 <tommylikehu__> bluesky, freesky sound like cousin
09:20:16 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, yeah
09:20:45 <blueskycs2c> haha
09:21:05 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, ?
09:21:46 <blueskycs2c> nothing,just smile (hahaha)
09:22:10 <freesky-edward> blueskycs2c, :)
09:53:46 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting