09:00:37 <freesky-edward> #startmeeting infrastructure
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09:00:50 <freesky-edward> hi
09:01:00 <imjoey> Hi, good to see you all.
09:01:07 <freesky-edward> fred_li imjoey zhongjun2_
09:01:22 <freesky-edward> imjoey, hi, how are you ?
09:01:23 <fred_li> hi all
09:01:27 <fred_li> nice to meet you again.
09:01:45 <freesky-edward> me too
09:01:48 <zhongjun2_> Hello
09:01:50 <fred_li> I didn't see meeting notice in my calendar. Do you?
09:02:28 <freesky-edward> fred_li, exactly, we don't send the calendar schedule yet
09:02:46 <freesky-edward> ok, let's start the meeting
09:02:50 <fred_li> OK
09:03:18 <freesky-edward> please follow the schedule on wiki https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/Meeting%20Schedule for more detailed info
09:03:35 <freesky-edward> #topic meeting method changes
09:03:52 <freesky-edward> this is topic from me,
09:04:15 <fred_li> I'm fine with IRC. If some members want to change, I am fine as well.
09:04:31 <freesky-edward> as you may noticed, the TC, community are all move the meeting to welink meeting now
09:04:43 <imjoey> IRC is ok for me.
09:05:02 <freesky-edward> this is to discuss whether should we move to welink too
09:05:04 <imjoey> shall we use welink for audio meeting, instead of text meeting? :)
09:05:31 <freesky-edward> imjoey, that's what I am going to discuss here
09:05:42 <fred_li> Welink has an important shortage, and there is not text chatting.
09:06:11 <fred_li> For example I need give your all a link, I can't do it during the meeting.
09:06:14 <freesky-edward> fred_li, yeah, welink only support video meeting
09:06:50 <freesky-edward> fred_li, does it support to group text?
09:07:06 <fred_li> NO, I haven't found it.
09:07:11 <freesky-edward> I mean type text during speaking?
09:07:14 <fred_li> No
09:07:29 <fred_li> If we move to welink, we need a kind of etherpad.
09:08:25 <freesky-edward> As far as I know,video meetings are very popular in k8s community
09:09:01 <freesky-edward> the same they are like to use google docs the text sharing tool
09:09:24 <imjoey> Honestly, audio/vedio meeting is more effective than text only.
09:09:50 <fred_li> OK, then let's try welink + google docs.
09:10:01 <freesky-edward> imjoey, so do you suggest to move it to welink?
09:10:05 <fred_li> at least we can try.
09:10:15 <imjoey> +1 weblink for me.
09:10:24 <imjoey> I perfer welink
09:10:29 <freesky-edward> zhongjun2_, what's your opinion?
09:10:40 <freesky-edward> as well ivye
09:11:30 <imjoey> I'm also curious that I usually use zoom to have meetings with huawei guys. This welink is welink, or means zoom?
09:11:48 <zhongjun2_> I am fine with welink
09:11:49 <freesky-edward> fine, if no other suggestion, let's try to move welink next time.
09:12:04 <freesky-edward> imjoey, I think that's the welink
09:12:06 <ivye> welink +1
09:12:09 <fred_li> Welink uses zoom, I think
09:12:10 <imjoey> freesky-edward: that's great.
09:12:33 <zhongjun2_> If we use video meeting in welink, does it support auto record meeting content, like irc meeting?
09:12:39 <freesky-edward> #action freesky-edward move meeting to welink next time
09:12:52 <freesky-edward> zhongjun2_, not yet
09:13:16 <freesky-edward> zhongjun2_, but I think it should not difficult to record the meeting.
09:13:30 <imjoey> zhongjun2_: fred_li gave an option: google docs for meeting minutes.
09:13:38 <zhongjun2_> okay
09:14:36 <freesky-edward> fine, I think we are on the same pageļ¼Œ
09:14:55 <freesky-edward> #topic infrastructure issue review
09:15:35 <freesky-edward> fred_li, this is one added by you, could you please share the propasal
09:15:37 <freesky-edward> thanks
09:15:39 <fred_li> by the way, let's try English audio meeting next time :-)
09:15:46 <fred_li> ok, new topic
09:15:50 <freesky-edward> https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues
09:16:00 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues
09:16:29 <fred_li> there are 29 open issues, some of which last days or months. we need clean them up
09:16:58 <freesky-edward> fred_li, great suggestion.
09:17:33 <fred_li> today, we can check with need be moved to other repos.
09:17:56 <freesky-edward> fred_li, yeah, that's waht I noticed
09:17:58 <fred_li> Then we talk on maillist for the rest.
09:18:02 <imjoey> yep, some of them have been done, but the reporter forgets to close it.
09:18:23 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues/I1AU0L
09:18:37 <fred_li> this one should be moved to doc team, I think.
09:19:31 <imjoey> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues/I16YOQ
09:19:35 <freesky-edward> fred_li, the question is should we recreate the issue or just give the reporter a kind reminder comment. what's your opinion?
09:19:59 <imjoey> freesky-edward: I think you could close it for now.
09:20:17 <freesky-edward> imjoey, +1 that issue should be closed
09:20:19 <fred_li> @freesky-edward I think we can transfer it to other repos
09:21:12 <fred_li> Let's comment and move them, if you all agree.
09:21:46 <fred_li> And I can take one action to list the open and help-wanted issues in wiki.
09:22:03 <freesky-edward> fred_li, I think we can recreate some of them after we know the detailed question or proposal. let's one by one
09:22:29 <fred_li> OK, agree. We can do this after this meeting.
09:22:41 <fred_li> Now we need confirm the way how to handle them.
09:22:51 <freesky-edward> e.g. https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues/I1AU0L?from=project-issue I think this one is very clear, so we can recreate it on docs
09:23:14 <fred_li> +1
09:24:20 <fred_li> can we conclude like this? 1) go through them one by one and move/recreate them if it is clear. 2) add one wiki page to list the help-wanted issues, or add labels "help-wanted"
09:24:31 <fred_li> sorry, I am a little fast on this
09:24:41 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/wikis/All%20the%20open%20tasks%20about%20openEuler%20community%20governance
09:24:49 <fred_li> this link is how I manage in community wiki
09:26:11 <freesky-edward> fred_li, good practice
09:26:24 <imjoey> the wiki way is great. it's ok for me.
09:26:59 <freesky-edward> I am not sure whether all of us have the privilege to wiki?
09:27:10 <freesky-edward> especially editing
09:27:41 <fred_li> I have
09:27:54 <imjoey> it seems I can not edit it.
09:27:59 <fred_li> Only developers have, which is not so good and still fine.
09:28:29 <fred_li> Github can set it open to every one, but gitee cannot
09:29:27 <freesky-edward> can we ask gitee to support it?
09:29:30 <imjoey> #link git@gitee.com:openeuler/community.wiki.git
09:30:16 <imjoey> could we use PR for wiki contribution? Any tries?
09:30:54 <freesky-edward> imjoey, no, it seems that link only support  pushing
09:31:37 <freesky-edward> one can push update as code submit, but no way to PR, as far as I know
09:33:29 <freesky-edward> imjoey, can you please check whether is it accessable to you now?
09:33:53 <imjoey> yep, I can edit now.
09:34:08 <imjoey> freesky-edward: thank you very much.
09:34:10 <freesky-edward> I think I know how to set the right now
09:35:54 <freesky-edward> #action all members of infra move the issue to https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/wikis/help-wanted%20tasks?sort_id=1981020
09:37:46 <freesky-edward> fred_li, let's deal with it one by one after meeting. what's your opinion?
09:41:53 <fred_li> @freesky-edward sorry, I am back
09:42:08 <fred_li> Let's edit them together. Thanks
09:43:08 <freesky-edward> do you mean we shall move them one by one now or later?
09:43:23 <fred_li> later after the meeting.
09:45:13 <freesky-edward> fine, let's move the next topics
09:45:30 <freesky-edward> #topic major task status
09:46:04 <freesky-edward> as tommylike is not here, let's sync the status of them all.
09:46:11 <fred_li> Tommylike is not here
09:46:33 <freesky-edward> any question or comments would be welcome
09:47:18 <freesky-edward> firstly. CVE management. I propose to provide the very simple system that only show the fixed CVEs.
09:47:29 <fred_li> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/pulls/328
09:47:49 <freesky-edward> and I submit one draft design, thanks imjoey's comments. I will update it later
09:48:09 <freesky-edward> fred_li, thank you
09:48:49 <imjoey> I'm curious about the OBS opening time, for building of packages within the new oVirt SIG.
09:49:28 <freesky-edward> regarding to open OBS, As far as I know, the work is near to finish except the domain ICP application
09:49:56 <imjoey> freesky-edward: yep, glad to know. Thanks for the efforts.
09:50:00 <freesky-edward> imjoey, I think tommylike may give more detailed process of it
09:50:20 <imjoey> freesky-edward: ok, I will contact tommylike after meeting.
09:50:51 <freesky-edward> the last one the blog, As you know see, it was integrated into https://openeuler.org already. any posts are welcome
09:50:54 <fred_li> @imjoey you can start using it even it is not "open", as a VIP
09:50:57 <freesky-edward> imjoey, :)
09:51:35 <freesky-edward> fred_li, great suggestion
09:51:37 <imjoey> fred_li: freesky-edward: Wow, that's really great if possible.
09:51:53 <freesky-edward> that's all for mine
09:52:01 <imjoey> how many accounts can I apply? :)
09:52:31 <freesky-edward> imjoey, how many are you going to?
09:52:44 <imjoey> 3 will be great. :)
09:53:16 <imjoey> if not possible, only 1 is also great for me. Really appreciated. :)
09:53:18 <freesky-edward> I think it's easy AFAIK
09:53:52 <imjoey> fred_li: freesky-edward that's really awesome. I owe you a lot.
09:54:13 <freesky-edward> :)
09:54:26 <freesky-edward> #topic open discussion
09:54:52 <imjoey> I've a pr waiting for reviewing.
09:54:57 <imjoey> #link https://gitee.com/openeuler/ci-bot/pulls/26
09:55:06 <freesky-edward> let's keep the meeting open until time out
09:55:37 <freesky-edward> imjoey, thanks for the efforts
09:55:46 <imjoey> fred_li:  freesky-edward  This pr introduces a feature to disable comment-to-repository. Could you take a look after meeting?
09:55:48 <freesky-edward> I will take it later
09:56:12 <freesky-edward> imjoey, sure, my pelasure
09:56:21 <imjoey> My honor. Gitee official guys help me a lot to support that functionality.
09:56:48 <freesky-edward> imjoey, thanks so much
09:57:26 <imjoey> that's all right. :) Just a trivial feature.
09:59:20 <freesky-edward> imjoey, :0
09:59:22 <freesky-edward> :)
09:59:26 <freesky-edward> that's all,
09:59:38 <freesky-edward> let's see you next time on welink
09:59:42 <fred_li> thanks
09:59:45 <imjoey> See you all on welink.
09:59:49 <freesky-edward> #endmeeting